Leaders - What can AI do for you? 06.04.23

Leaders - What can AI do for you?

AI has been a big topic in the news lately. From chat gpt being able to write anything from essays, to college papers, to writing an entire TV episode script. AI is poised to disrupt a significant number of industries. Many predict it will replace jobs.

AI can serve as a creative jumping off point when starting any type of writing communication. Personally, I have been using AI to help write follow-up emails to trainings, thank you notes, marketing descriptions for presentations and example learner personas for trainings. AI has helped me create personalized non-copywrited images to put in trainings and on the website.

I’ve prompted AI to create short trainings on everything from empathy to eating disorders and break them out by PowerPoint slide. While this gave a great outline, it delivered far from a polished finished product.

Depending on the prompt, you can use AI to provide reminders on how to deal with tense employee situations. For example – below is a verbatim prompt and answer from chat gpt.

Prompt: Imagine you are a leader with great empathy and compassion. One of your direct reports says to you "I'm sick of this sh*t, I'm going home early today."  How would you respond?

Chat gpt Answer:

“In a situation like this, responding with empathy and understanding is crucial to maintain a positive and supportive work environment. As a leader with great empathy and compassion, I would handle the situation in the following manner:

Ultimately, my goal would be to create a safe space where the employee feels heard, understood, and supported. By responding with empathy and compassion, I aim to strengthen the bond of trust between us and contribute to a positive work environment where employees feel valued and cared for.”


As you can see, there are a ton of different applications for AI in your leadership practice. One piece of advice I heard from an author how specializes in AI, it to treat the systems like an intern. While AI can currently pull a ton of information, it still needs to be looked over. For example – the other day I asked it to write me a marketing description for a conflict/de-escalation training. It did a wonderful job, until I came to the part in the description where it talked about how to escalate people!

It is also important to note that there are some written communications that should come from your hand and mind. These include any type of thank-yous or “kudos” to the team you lead.


Reflection Question: How will I use AI to boost my productivity as leader?

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