LEAdeRNship Toolbox

The Resource Effectiveness Audit comes from the presentation "Why Learn When I Can Google It?" It is a great way to review training materials and other resources.

6T Coaching form is from the presentation/workshop "Individual Contributor to Leader"

Temperature = Mood / How the employee is feeling overall

Training = What training have they completed recently? What did they learn? What upcoming training would they like?

Trouble= What issues is the employee dealing with currently?

Triumphs= What has gone well recently?

Tackled= What To-Do items were completed since last check-in

To-Dos - What needs to be completed before next check-in

Thank You - (the 7th unofficial T), always remember to thank the employee for their time at the end of a check-in session

email leadernshipinstitute@gmail.com for a Word document copy

The Quick Self-Assessment below comes from the presentation "Emotional Intelligence IMPACT"

Quick Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

Rate yourself 1-5 on the following statements below:

(1 Disagree, 2 Somewhat Disagree, 3 Neutral, 4 Agree, 5 Strongly Agree)

•I understand what I am motivated by intrinsically and extrinsically

•I am able to recognize my emotions at the moment I experience them

•I have a robust emotional vocabulary beyond mad, sad, happy etc.

•I am able to control impulses and display emotions in a socially appropriate manner

•I am able to regulate unpleasant emotions in order to be productive

•I strive to understand the feelings and perspectives of others

•I understand how other people’s experiences affect their feelings, thoughts, and behavior

•I seek to understand the motivations of others

•I listen without interrupting or thinking about what I will say next

•I actively seek to understand my own thoughts and feelings and solicit feedback from others