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The LEAdeRNship Institute is currently working on several book projects.

*52 Powerful Reflection Questions for Team Development

* 52 Powerful Reflection Questions for Dynamic Trainers

*Backstabbing, Betrayal, and Trauma Ignorance is full of true stories of how leaders and organizations can step up and be trauma-informed or commit institutional betrayal. The book is scheduled to be out around April of 2023. 

52 Powerful Reflection Questions for Leaders Workbook

52 Powerful Reflection Questions for Leaders is an interactive workbook for those leaders invested in learning. The book is divided into four sections with a brief description of the necessary skill and then reflection questions afterward.

If you are looking to take your leadership to the next level – this book is for you!

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52 Powerful Questions for Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Teddy Roosevelt said years ago "No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." This is especially true for leaders. Think of the best leader you ever worked with - did they know more or care more?

If you are a leader that cares - and enjoys learning - this workbook is for you. 

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