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Planting Seeds

Taking the time to care for anything can be time consuming, but the end results speak for themselves.

It wasn’t until I began gardening a few years ago that I began to start to understand all of the analogies in business about planting seeds, patience and harvesting. It is spring now, planting season. As I sit here in reflection on a warm spring night, below are some of the parallels I have found the most profound:

Garden: Seeds must be planted in the correct season, at the correct temperature

Business: Ideas must be seeded in the correct environment at the correct time

Garden: Unexpected events, like a late frost, can have season-long consequences

Business: Chaos, change and other unexpected events can derail business ideas and initiatives

Garden: Sometimes seeds may need to be re-planted

Business: Ideas may need to be consistently discussed

Garden: A seed can’t be forced to grow

Business: A leader can’t force a team to adopt ideas or change

Garden: Seeds require consistent care to grow

Business: Ideas and change initiatives require support from all levels to be effective

Garden: Each seed grows at their own time and speed

Business: Ideas and initiatives will be adopted at various rates of speed by individuals and organizations

Garden: Some seeds can be planted together (called companion planting), some need to stay apart

Business: Some business ideas complement each other, others shouldn’t be sown together

Garden: Gardeners gain a wonderful amount of satisfaction harvesting their plants

Business: A leader can derive tremendous satisfaction seeing ideas flourish and teams grow

Reflection Question: What positive ideas will I sow and tend to this season as a leader?

Topic Next Week: Consistent Check-Ins

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