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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Like a drop in a pool of water, what you do can have major impacts on the world around you.

Once you have committed to learning, the next step is looking at what learning will have the most impact on you and your team. What does your team rely on you to be an expert in? It could be that you need to keep up on industry regulations or standards. Maybe you need to learn about innovation and technology. Perhaps you are in human services and need to learn different therapy techniques. To use your learning time effectively and efficiently, focus on what will make the most difference for you and your team.

Books, industry publications and conferences can house relevant, current information. TED Talks on YouTube can be a great source of free information. The Association for Talent Development and Harvard Business Review are two solid resources the LEAdeRNship Institute has used with great success.

Reflection Question - What can I learn that will have the most impact on me, and my team, this year?

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