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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Writing out resolutions can help keep leaders focused.

So it’s past that time of year – Resolution Time. According to an article by INC ( only 9% of Americans actually achieve our New Years Resolutions. As it is well into February, I’m wondering, do most people even remember their resolution for this year?

As a leader, anytime is a good time to make healthy resolutions. In order to be effective, these resolutions must be focused. Over the next few blog entries we will be going over the three things that make a difference when on a LEAdeRNship journey - Intent, Impact and Influence.

Each week we will have a reflection question that pertains to the topic covered in the blog. According to “Reflective practice accelerates improvement in your leadership skills and enables you to better understand yourself and others.”

Reflection Question - What can I resolve to do that will have the most impact on my success as a leader this year?

Topic Next Week: Impact

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