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Balanced Boundaries - Work as Part of Life Balance

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

There many parts of who we are and work is a part of that identity.

It’s time to start re-framing work/life balance to work, as a part of a balanced life. Work is only one of the eight dimensions of wellness that make up a complete individual. According to SAMSHA, the eight dimensions of wellness include: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social. Each of these dimensions are important, and each have some intersectionality with the others.

After two years of the pandemic, it is imperative we look at the systems in our lives and see what is working – and what is not. Each system we have created is designed perfectly to get the results we have gotten. There may be certain things we put in place during the pandemic, that are no longer useful. Conversely, there may be some things we couldn’t do during the mass shutdowns that we need to start doing again (hello in-person team meetings!)

Balancing the eight dimensions of wellness requires building Balanced Boundaries.

  • Definition of Boundaries - something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent, a dividing line

  • Definition of Balanced Boundaries – boundaries that take into account every sector of wellness. Boundaries that an individual holds and lives out in accordance with their values.

As leaders, we are always role models. We can either be positive examples of balance and wellness or negative ones.

Reflection Question: What balanced boundaries do I need to start or keep in place to be a role model of wellness?

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Looking to learn more about Balanced Boundaries? Contact the LEAdeRNship Institute to book a 90-minute interactive “Creating an Intentional Life by Building Balanced Boundaries” presentation.



Creating an Intentional Life by Building Balanced Boundaries presentation ©Mackey 2022

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