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Spiritually Out of The Office

A leader who has surrounded herself with a serene natural landscape, representing the concept of spiritual rejuvenation and reconnection with nature.

It’s the middle of summer. I read an email the other day that named exactly how I’ve been feeling “Spiritually Out of the Office.”

Amidst the sweltering heat of midsummer, I find myself confined within the four walls of a sterile office, trapped behind a computer screen. The world outside beckons with its sunlit adventures, the allure of warm breezes and vibrant landscapes dancing just beyond the glass windows. Yet here I am, bound by the demands of the digital realm, yearning to break free from the shackles of virtual existence.

As the sun casts its golden glow upon the world, I can almost feel the embrace of nature's beauty, hear the laughter of children at play, and sense the rhythmic pulse of life coursing through the streets. My senses strain against the sterile hum of air conditioning, craving the touch of sun-kissed skin and the earthy scent of summer blooms. I am acutely aware of the dissonance between my physical surroundings and the vibrant symphony of life unfolding beyond these walls.

My spirit, ever yearning for connection and meaning, is left adrift in this artificial sea of tasks and emails. The vibrant energy of the season is tantalizingly close, yet the boundaries of my digital confines thwart my attempts to partake in its exuberance. I watch the world continue to evolve through the lens of my computer screen, a mere spectator to the majesty of life happening just beyond reach.

"Out of office" notifications may mark physical absences, but my soul feels "spiritually out of the office." The call of adventure, the beckoning of the wild, and the freedom of uncharted experiences echo like distant melodies in my heart.

The month of August marks my actual physical “out of office.” Taking vacation in August in an annual tradition in my family. It’s a great time to celebrate the end of summer and clear the mind before the demands of fall and the upcoming conference season.

As leaders, sometimes we just feel spiritually out of the office. It’s important to recognize how we are feeling and take steps to re-charge ourselves. The healthier we are, the healthier we can be for those we lead.

Reflection Question: What can I do to re-charge my spirit?

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